March 24, 2009

Please Bear with us as we are in the process of getting our new website up and running for the Summer 2009 Holiday Period. However we are Located at Tabaquite Road, Rio Claro, Trinidad and Tobago West Indies. Which is located in the Southern Part of the island of Trinidad. Surrounded by the busy environment of the Town Rio Claro.
Rio Claro is the largest town in southeastern Trinidad, in Trinidad and Tobago.

Rio Claro lies east of Princes Town, west of Mayaro and northwest of Guayaguayare. It serves as the major commercial centre for southeastern Trinidad. It lies in a primarily agricultural area. It is the seat of the Rio Claro-Mayaro Regional Corporation.

The town was named for a small stream, which was named Rio Claro by Spanish surveyors in the 1770s. A “rest house” was built there in 1850 when a road was cut from Mission (now Princes Town) to Mayaro. As cacao planters settled the area, the village on the banks of the Rio Claro came to be called by that name. When the Trinidad Government Railway extended its line to this village in 1914, the name Rio Claro was formalised.